Step 1: Initial Consultation

Together with Dr. Stanford, we will obtain your comprehensive personal medical history, multi-generational family medical history, and your personal lifestyle and environmental-exposure history.

Step 2. Testing and Monitoring

Standard testing includes saliva collection for whole genome sequencing (WGS) and medically significant genetic variant determination utilizing multiple high-repute curated genomic databases. In addition, standard testing includes a comprehensive assessment of your health status performed by our partner laboratories and imaging centers. BHIPM will make all necessary arrangements for completing the necessary biochemical testing which is noninvasive, requiring only blood and urine collection. In addition, patients undergo a 60-minute whole-body MRI with high-resolution scans of the brain and dynamic (cine) cardiac MRI with extensive image post-processing. The MRI study is noninvasive, non-contrast and radiation-free.  Patients may select further testing which can include bio-monitoring options which integrate cutting edge health care technologies. Specific tests and monitoring methods are selected based on your individual health concerns, preferences and goals.


Dr. Stanford personally reviews, analyzes and integrates all the health data collected in Steps 1 and 2 and develops a report for you and your primary doctor. This comprehensive medical report will include important findings and actionable recommendations, including the basis for these recommendations, that you and your primary doctor will incorporate into your personalized health plan.


You, your primary doctor, and Dr. Stanford, will meet face-to- face or via HIPAA compliant teleconferencing to review and discuss in detail your personalized precision medicine report. You and your primary doctor will continue to have access to the BHIPM team, including Dr. Stanford, for as long as you wish to participate in the BHIPM precision health program. If needed, referral will be made for consultation with other specialists that are experts in genomic and precision medicine such as cardiologists, oncologists, and medical geneticists.